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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dwarven Host now complete on Alternative Armies website

Hello Everyone,

Alternative Armies have, as promised, uploaded the rest of the Dwarven Host codes in their High Fantasy range to their website. This completes the Dwarven range for the immediate future and the focus is now shifting on to the next race to be uploaded; but more on that later.

Added to the packs already there are these:

DH6 Dwarf Missile Weapons

DH7 Dwarf Cavern Fighters

DH8 Dwarf Shield Wall

DH9 Dwarf Characters

DH11 Dwarf Command

95537 Dwarf Beserkers

There is a lot to choose from here and you can see them all in much larger images HERE.

Keep in mind that you can buy the whole pack or just single poses from it; all at great prices.

Some of these Dwarves will feature in upcoming scenarios in the Barking Irons magazine.

Oh, and you can get 10% off your Fantasy order with a special code ' 1991 ' for details see this POST.



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