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Friday, 14 May 2010

Orc and Goblin High Fantasy begun on Alternative Armies website

Hello Everyone,

The High Fantasy re-release on Alternative Armies continues apace and now, with the Dwarves complete, its the turn of the OH codes including Orcs and Goblins to be placed on to the website.

Here is a run down of the codes now placed into the Orc Horde and Goblin Horde section of the Alternative Armies website for High Fantasy.

OH8 Orc Desecrators

OH9 Orc Command

OH10 Orc Missile Weapons

OH11 Orc Fanatics

OH7 Goblin Wolf Riders II

More releases will be coming soon and also there is going to be a free scenario for DarkeStorme making use of Dwarves and Orcs uploaded to this very blog later today! More on this later on.




  1. Nice one, I'm looking forward to the rest, I already have some gobbos and I look forward to adding to them.


  2. Hello Rob,

    It will be a few weeks before the rest of the OH codes are up and running. Glad you like them.



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