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Monday, 10 May 2010

Alternative Armies to re-release entire High Fantasy Range - 10% offer this week

Hello Everyone,

Some news for you all. Alternative Armies possesses one of the finest range of high fantasy 25-28mm scale miniatures around. Built up in the mid nineteen nineties there are more than two hundred miniatures in the range from Dwarves and Elves to Undead and monsters along with some very unique codes. With the release of DarkeStorme the Skirmish the company has taken the chance to bring the ENTIRE range back into the public sphere once more. Many of the miniatures have not been seen for more than a decade.
This process will of course take some time to carry out in full but its now well underway. The original code structure is being used and first to come into the light are the DH codes, the Dwarven Host.
See here for the High Fantasy section of the Alternative Armies website: HF
With advances in web technology Alternative Armies can bring these miniatures to you in an extremely flexible way. You can view the packs, you can see hi-rez images too. You can choose to purchase an entire pack, or choose any of the miniatures from the pack as singles in any quantity. All the miniatures are at great prices with five Dwarves (including round plastic bases) coming in at £8.00 or £1.75 each if you choose singles from the pack.
By going to the website you can read all about this flexibility and see it in action by playing around with the buttons.
As a special offer I am able to tell you that there is a 10% off code now in effect on these newly put up codes. To make use of it go to the website and put High Fantasy miniature codes and or a copy of DarkeStorme in your basket. Then proceed to the cart screen and choose your postal region. Then on to the Checkout Screen (white background), here put in to the 'Discount / Voucher' box this exact numeric code ' 1991 ', the total for your order will automatically reduce by 10% on screen. The offer is in effect until next Monday morning.
Go on, get yourselves some Dwarves...or even a Bombard!

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  1. Hmmmm... Bombard.

    Interesting, very interesting!



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