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Thursday, 27 May 2010

High Fantasy Releases - Dogmen and Winter Knights

Hello Everyone,

Another week and some more news from Alternative Armies about the 28mm High Fantasy range. More releases, this time due to customer demands, a break in the Orcs and Goblins to bring you Dogmen and also the first Human code.

Here is what I am talking about.

FL10 Winter Knights
This pack contains two plate armoured knights, both dressed for winter and armed with a long shafted axe. One of them is on foot and the other mounted on an armoured horse. A very useful and character filled set which will feature in a DarkeStorme scenario in Barking Irons No 2.

OH6 Dogmen Soldiers I
Four canine warriors with a variety of weapons. These savage fellows make excellent mercenaries and freebooters too.

OH16 Dogmen Soldiers II
Four more canine warriors to build up your forces with. Vicious and quiet capable of rending your enemies limb from limb these chaps will do you proud!

Additionally requests from gamers have begun to mount up for some more DarkeStorme material such as a free scenario. If you have any thoughts on what and where then please do comment here or message me directly.

That's All for Now.



  1. Am I old-fashioned in thinking of these as Gnolls?


  2. Hello Tony,

    No you are not. The name was 'modernised' so that younger players and those to whom english is not a native tongue could know what they were. They are also known as Goblin Weres.


  3. Anyone who has played DnD knows what a Gnoll is!

    Even the dogmen in flintloque were originally 'Gnolls', according to issue 2(maybe 3?) of OITH when they were coming out for FLQ.

    However, Dogman, Gnoll or Goblin-Were, they are really cool and I will definately be getting some. I have never seen the AA ones before and I think they are my favourites in the fantasy sets so far!

    Well done on releasing them, I guess that's what all the crashing noises were about on Tuesday afternoon when I rang!!! (Who let the dogs out?)


  4. Hello Rob,

    No that was me bashing Alex's head off the desk for daring to ask for an hour off once a week!


  5. Wow, multitasking!

    You're like, superman!



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