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Monday, 3 May 2010

Open discussion on the next Flintloque book

Hello Everyone,

With the release of 5027 Flintloque 3rd edition - Grapeshotte now complete the World of Valon moves on to talking about what is next for Flintloque.

Those who are members of the Notables Yahoo Group or have been involved as customers of Alternative Armies will know that the company takes great care and pride in getting its gamers involved in the creative process. Even to the point of letting gamers choose which book is to be published next in the 3rd edition series for Flintloque.

The choice is between;

Bier & Bones - Flintloque Game Book
(see above for the prospective cover of this title)


Retreat to Kooruna - Flintloque Expansion Book

Each offers things the other does not.

So get involved, go along to the Notables and read the postings that apply to this important thread. Your input does matter..let them know what you think is important and why.

Here is the link to the Notables Yahoo Group
Look for messages: 10216 and 10270 for thread starts and full details.
(If you are not a member of the group then just apply to join and the friendly lads at AA will make you a member...tell them Barking Irons sent you!)



1 comment:

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks to all who commented and sent in their ideas. The winner is 'Bier & Bones', it will be the next book and it will feature all of the nations and places of Central Urop in the World of Valon.

    More details will follow on the book in due course.




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