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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

DarkeStorme Free Files folder - Beginning now!

Hello Everyone,

For those in the know you will have seen that on the rear inside page of the brand new DarkeStorme game book (28mm and 15mm scale high fantasy skirmish rules) that there is mention of a 'free files folder' for the game.

This free files folder alludes to all the material for the game that there simply was not space for in the printed book. This includes various unit rosters in easy print format, three scenarios to get you started, detailed character profiles for those scenarios, a quick reference sheet and example of play.

You can learn more about the game here: CLICK

With the game book now on general release and requests for this material Alternative Armies is beginning the process of putting this free material out to the public.

You will be able to get the free files in a few ways.

1. You can email the company directly and ask for them.
Alternative Armies - -

2. You can visit the Notables Yahoo Group and download them.
Notables Yahoo Group . Apply to join and they will welcome you, then navigate to the 'files' part of the group and look in the DarkeStorme folder.

See the comments thread on this post of the latest news on which free files are now online.

If you have any specific desire for some material for your DarkeStorme games then comment on this thread or email the company direct and ask...we are happy to discuss it.




  1. Hello Everyone,

    The first free files are now ready.

    DarkeStorme Unit Rosters
    (three PDF's covering all needs in a plain A4 format for easy print)

    These can be had by email from Alternative Armies and or directly by download from the Notables Yahoo Group

    More files coming real soon.


  2. Hello Everyone,

    Another free file has been added to the DarkeStorme folder for free. This time its the six page scenario PDF. Giving you three full scenarios, fiction, maps and cast of characters.

    Perfect to get you started, to begin a campaign, or each on its own.

    Will you side with Iron Karl and his Dwarves or with the monster sized Orc Yurk Kazan and his band of thugs?

    As before get this direct from us by email or on the Notables Yahoo Group as a download.



  3. Hello Everyone,

    Now added to the DarkeStorme free files folder.

    Quick Reference Sheets for play.

    Ask or download as before to get all the files in one place or in one zipped folder right to your email account.



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