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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

USE ME World War Two - Mock Up Cover

UM003 Mock Up Cover

Hello Everyone,

More news from on the USE ME system front.

UM003 WW2 book is now laid up for printing for release end of this year.

In conjunction with O.G. Joel we have developed the USE ME mechanics to make an excellent skirmish to squad level right up to battle set of rules for 15mm WW2 miniatures.  It also includes off table support options plus suggested army lists for all the big nations in the war plus SOLO play rules too.  Play anything from the Spanish Civil War right up to the Fall of Berlin with the ease you would expect from USE ME.

Above you can see a mock up of the book cover, enjoy!



  1. Bish bash bosh, you are certainly getting these out quickly!!!

    Looks good Gavin.

  2. Hello Rob,

    That is in no small part due to the excellent Mr Joel who is a demon of a rules writer, almost as fast as me! Plus its build on the same core mechanics so less testing is needed.

    How do you like the cover art?


  3. One point - you may well have a problem selling these rules in Germany as use of the Swastika is banned (see for sample banned symbols.

    Its tied into the dissemination and use of symbols for 'unconstitutional organizations'

    Main blog:

  4. I agree with ADB - you may have to 'water-down' the Nazi flag. Try an imperial Eagle/German Eagle!

    Good Luck with the new launch.


  5. Hello All,

    Thanks for your comments here and by email too.

    We had planned TWO runs of the game book with two different covers, one for Germany and one for the rest of the world. The flag and symbol is not illegal in the UK or in the USA only in Germany and only in certain cases.

    I will post up the other cover and then we will see which one is preferred and if only one run is to be made.


  6. I was going to say, but I thought perhaps the burning made it okay.

    Perhaps an imperial eagle, or perhaps the map from the introduction to 'Dads army'.

  7. Days Army! WOW Oh Yes!


  8. Hello Everyone,

    Posting coming an a wee while with the alternate cover for the German market. We may well use this one as I said for the whole run.

    As to Dad's Army. Well....I assume you know that the banned symbol appears in its title sequence as well!

    But time being what it is...lets look to the next posting.




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