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Monday, 8 November 2010

USE ME World War Two in the works!

Hello Everyone,

As those who read this esteemed blog will know USE ME 15mm Science Fiction has spawned a High Fantasy version which will soon be with us all.  However this is not all that is in the works, there is another version of USE ME which will be making an appearance soon too.
I have been working on USE ME WW2, in conjunction with Omer Golan-Joel a fantastic fellow with a real feel for the more modern historical periods in wargaming.

This version of the USE ME engine will be skirmish and battle level and will allow players to fight out anything from the Invasion of Poland (or even the Spanish Civil War) right up to the fall of Berlin.
More details to come but this is an exciting development...a set of WW2 15mm rules in your pocket for less than four pounds; now that is something!



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