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Friday, 5 November 2010

LE044 Major Blucky O'Hare now Released!

Hello Everyone,

The second of the Alternative Armies autumn 2010 releases for the World of Valon (Flintloque the Skirmish and Slaughterloo Mass Battle systems) is now out and about for your pleasure!   Read on and learn all about LE044 and see a couple of hi-rez images too.  For more information go to the Alternative Armies website to the new releases page this month or search for LE044. 

Thanks for reading!


The first limited edition for the rapidly expanding (or should that be breeding like) Rabbitmen of Burrovia reluctant allies of the Ferach Empire.  When the opening came up for planning limited code number forty four the choices were from among the newer races like the Burrovians, the Diberians and the Trolkin.  While at the time of writing the Trolkin are not yet with us as gamers the Burrovians most certainly are with their own line, light, cavalry and commander to choose from for players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  So, which bunny is it for the melting had to be the most infamous officer from the Slaughterloo Army Book one Major Blucky O'Hare.  Perfect to lead your burgeoning burrovian battalions.

LE044 Blucky O'Hare
This code is limited to one thousand numbered packs only and is supplied in a blister containing the white metal miniature and plastic base.

Fighting is a way of life when your life is as hard as that of Major Blucky O’Hare.  One of a large family of Burrovians the young Blucky was sent off to the navy when it became clear that his mother could no longer manage to feed and clothe him.  The Hydrax Bunnus, the navy of the Burrovian Republique, was at that time undergoing a massive expansion and was seeking talented young ratings for adventure.  In the times following the annulment of Wylde Magicke the Burrovians forged a large empire across the remotest realms of Valon and this empire needed to be protected from pirates, natives and even other Uropean powers.  It was into this maelstrom of sea conflicts that Blucky O’Hare found himself thrown into. 

Working his way up the ranks Blucky gained the captaincy of his own ship the Riotous Conflagration (he has a habit of setting fire to prizes instead of capturing them) where he then set about earning a growing reputation.  No one event established him as a hero of the bunny folk as much as the destruction of the corsair island stronghold called ‘The Connflex Isle’ run by the notorious Nepolise Marshall De Warte.  De Warte a Todoroni of extreme ugliness run an operation of extortion and conquest with more than three hundred Todoroni corsairs of his Storme Todos.  From the island De Warte sank and stole dozens of Burrovian vessels and raided half a dozen ports with his flotilla.  Blucky with his loyal and slightly deranged crew who included the slightly Magicke creature Babarosser, a large hairy ape fellow, and Lieutenant Hundstarre a renegade Ostarian Dogman who joined the Hydrax Bunnus assaulted the corsair island.  Through a hail of fire the crew of the Riotous Conflagration shot down dozens of Todoroni and eventually Blucky in a one on one brawl with Marshal De Warte killed the evil Toad and broke the will of the remaining corsairs.  Reported in every broadsheet across Urop it made Blucky a hero for law and order.

When the Ferach Empire annexed Burrovian and ‘invited’ her people to join as a willing ally of the Empire the majority of the Hyrax Bunnus was either surrendered to the Elves or sank by the Royul Navye of Greate Britorcn.  Blucky O’Hare took the opportunity to leave the navy and take the rank of Major in the Burrovian Army.  His fame assured his rank and an active posting along with being able to retain those of his former crew such as Babarosser and Hundstarre who were expert fighters on land or water.

As part of the Grande Armee du Norde the now major Blucky O’Hare marched off with the rest of the 6th Flopsea regiment for the Witchlands.  Through endless miles of snow and attacks by rebel Werewolves and then the Undead it began to dawn on the major that perhaps his people might only survive the Mordredian Wars if they managed to throw off the yoke of Ferach lordship.   Now Blucky along with about thirty other veterans are making the long march back to Diberia, all the while fighting a rearguard action against the Undead.  His mastery of fire and his fearsome combat abilities have made him an excellent Zombie hunter; skills that have come in handy time and time again.

Uniform Details
The Major’s uniform consists of a dark blue tunic, white breeches, a dark blue cloak and headband.  Gloves and facings are white along with a tricolour rosette on the headband.  His fur is light brown and he, like all Burrovians, wears no shoes or boots.  He has a golden star on the back of his cloak.

Flintloque Rules
When fielding Major Blucky O’Hare in Flintloque he is treated as a Rabbitman (Little) of experience rating Veteran, Light Infantry type and Elite.  He is armed with a Sword and a Hareian Pistol (5027 pg41).  He is a true Hero and as a result he is an exceptional leader with the Improve Command (2) skill and Alert skill, he has the Natural Leader trait and the Steadfast trait too.   He suffers from the Foul Temper flaw but possesses the Wylde Magicke talent Create Fire (potent).  When fighting against an Undead type character he gains a +5% to all ranged fire and an additional +1 in all Melee rolls too.  He costs 71 Points with these abilities.

Slaughterloo Rules

‘Hop to It!’: Major O’Hare is one for rousing speeches and as a result he is able to make his soldiers perform real leaps of movement, while Rabbitmen bounce more than walk they normally cannot jump far.  Blucky may once per Turn move his Unit 10cm in a single jump, this is included in the Units normal Movement Value, but allows the Unit to leap over small items of rougher terrain and streams etc. If the leap ends in rough terrain etc then any remaining movement is subject to the usual penalties.  He may command any Line, Militia or Light infantry unit of Burrovian Rabbits.


  1. Gavin, what excellent background expansion! That is really, really cool. I would LOVE to sculpt up 'Hundstarre', 'Babarosser' and 'Marshall De Warte', perhaps with a unit of Storme Todos!!!
    I cannot wait to paint my copy of this miniature. Sounds like great fun.


  2. I thought you might! Well perhaps one day me laddo.

    I plan on playing a scenario with these characters back in his naval days when I have time.



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