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Friday, 5 November 2010

VLE10 Uncle Rogipoos Set - Now Released!

Hello Everyone,

The first of the World of Valon Autumn 2010 releases for you to look over and drool!  These are high rez images and all the information for the code is in this posting so read on.  To see this release go to Alternative Armies website and search for VLE10 or this month check out the new releases page.  

Thanks for Reading! 


VLE10 Uncle Rogipoos Set

This code is limited to only 250 packs before the master and molds are destroyed. Supplied with numbered insert containing optional rules and uniform guide. This tenth code in the Very Limited Edition range is, like the others, limited to 250 numbered packs only. The pack contains three white metal one piece miniatures in 28mm scale.  An Orc Officer, an Armidillo and a female Orc nurse. Perfect for many scenarios and a character addition to your Orcish army for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Plastic bases supplied.

Uncle Rogipoos
Whenever the "Cornetto Raid" is mentioned the name of Uncle Rogipoos always comes to mind. His father, the Umpteenth Lord Willorcs of Coldgood, his mother the daughter of the famous clan-rat chief Lord Gorge Gordon. His mother was rather disappointed that neither he, nor his brother Crustyforc displayed any signs of their rat ancestry. Educated in Joccia, Rogipoos showed a talent for languages, history and culture. It was at school that he met his great friend Harry Oliphaunt who has shared many adventures with Rogipoos.  On leaving school Rogipoos and Harry embarked on "The Grand Tour" visiting most of the countries of Urop and Aegypt. During this time they saw the great sites of anitquity, ate interesting food and shared several adventures. At times during the trip the friends were in peril of their lives. Once in Isstanbal, where a misunderstanding caused them to stray into the Sultan`s harem, and in Lyonesse where only Rogipoos` quick thinking saved them both from the guillotine.

Rogipoos obtained a commission with the 45th Foot and served with distinction in the Kooruna campaign gaining the M.C. (Medal for Craziness), Emperor Mordred`s purple silk combinations, an armadillo, the Eagle of the 4th "Sant-Ders" dragoons, his horse "Cocoa" (also "borrowed" from Col. Sant Ders), and the hand of Alisorc, daughter of the Duke of Oldcastle. Rising to captain`s rank Rogipoos was named "Uncle" by the troops because of his care towards them, and "Crazy" because of his sometimes unorthodox tactics, was made a.d.c. to Surjon Moore.

When the army returned to Catalucia Rogipoos, now a major, was appointed to the staff partly because he was the only orc who could understand what his uncle General Hamish Gordon was saying. During this time he became friends with a hussar officer, Johnny (Later Lord) Rorcchester who taught him how to become a deadly shot with a pistol and a skilled swordsman.  After Tarrenvera and his father`s death "Crazy old uncle Rogipoos" returned to Albion becoming the Twelvetieth Lord Coldgood and Colonel of the illustrious "Robbyng Hoodie" Fencibles which he led on the famous "Cornetto Raid". It was here that he captured Col. Leonardo Di Pizza of the Neapolise Regimente Gelato. Held on parole at Willorcs Hall Leonardo has become a close family friend.

Although sometimes called to the House of Lorcs, Rogipoos is still on hand when his country calls for him. His life is not all action. Rogipoos enjoys wearing slippers, drinking cocoa, eating ginger buscuits, walking Jose his armadillo, and a flagon of "Pongo" at "The Willorcs arms". He also has a considerable library and collection of small metal soldiers. Rogipoos interest in tecnology has resulted in his home Willorcs Hall  When in Londinium he may be found at his club, "The Notables" where he enjoys the fine food and wines, the "Salon de Flintloque" and is a skilled player of "Whacky Families" at the card table.  Huzzah! 

When playing Uncle Rogipoos in Flintloque he is treated as an Albion Orc of Regular / Elite type of experience rating Legendary. He is armed with a sword of exquisite quality and a standard pistol.  He is a rum fellow and quite prone to acts of extreme oddness and bravery making him a natural leader. This instils his troops (when he goes on activate campaign in Catalucia) with a great love for him.  As a result each turn he may remove 1D3 of Shaken Tokens from any friendly characters within his line of sight including himself.  He is an expert duellist and gains the ‘Duellist Skill’ (5025 pg52) he also has the ‘Stealth Skill’ (5025 pg52) due to his love of slippers as footwear.  His Joccian ancestry gives him the trait ‘Massive Jamminess’ (5025 pg53) and ‘Head Butt’ (5025 pg58).   Having travelled extensively Uncle Rogipoos is well known to thousands of friendly and enemy soldiers from lowly privates to field marshals.  Once per scenario he may call out to any enemy character within 20cm with a huzzah and well met sir.  Both players roll 1D10 with Uncle Rogipoos adding a +2 to his roll.  If he wins the roll then that character recognises him as an old friend and will not attack him in any way for the rest of the game.  If the roll is lost play continues and Uncle Rogipoos was mistaken. His love of Jose and of the Big Nurse will result in an automatic shaken token which cannot be removed with his special skill and must be dealt with normally.  With this profile he costs 102 Points. His uniform is a dark blue jacket, sky blue breeches, black bicorne with all braid and facings bright white and gold detailing.  He wears pink slippers and carries a white coco mug with black detailing.  His sword scabbard is black and his bicorne has a white plume.  His flesh tone is darker then the average Orc due to his extensive adventures in the hot sun.

Jose the Armidillo.
 Jose appears, to those who can actually see him, to be a prime specimen of Armadillus Magnus Invisiblus. This large breed of armadillo are known not only for their size and intelligence, but also their mastery of camouflage which can make them invisible to the untrained eye. Their claws used for digging are also formidable weapons.

Jose and Uncle Rogipoos met in Catalucia. Guided by the voice inside his head that had first made him smuggle himself aboard a Urop bound ship, Jose entered a tent where an officer, his head bandaged, lay on a camp bed. The armadillo was surprised when the orc saw him and said "Hello". From that moment they have become inseparable. The voice of Monty Zoomer the Swift and Wise, Seer of Armajualpadillo, had brought Rogipoos and Jose together.  A cheerful armadillo, Jose enjoys his friends` company and would protect Rogipoos and Lady Alisorc with his life if he had to. On one occasion Jose helped Rogipoos escape the clutches of the Ferache Col. Sant-Ders  by cutting his bonds with his razor sharp claws.

Outwardly Jose is an ordinary large armadillo who enjoys chasing a ball, cuddling his stuffed toy orc, chasing butterflies and playing with the hedgehogs and red squirrels in the park of Willorcs Hall. However, he has found that "his" orc can understand a variety of words of armadillo (Squeekalotl) and armadillish body language (posealotl).   Curled up in his bed beside that of Uncle Rogipoos Jose dreams of walking upright in a city of magnificent ant and termite pyramids, riding llamas and flamingoes, drinking cocoalatl whilst clad in robes of cotton and brightly hued parrot feathers, and rings of gold. Dreams of weilding a mighty hardwood and obsid-yan "Maccuitiml" sword. Dreams of the time of Armajualpadillo, the golden God Emperor Armajualpadillo. Thr times of his ancestors, which, according to the wise Monty Zoomer, will one day return.

When playing Jose the Armadillo in Flintloque he is treated as a Dodo for movement, wounds and melee modifier.  He has two special skills the first being his natural armour.  Jose has a Toughness of 5 in melee but for ranged fire his toughness is treated as a mighty 7 as his scales will deflect most smaller bullets and shrapnel that comes his way.  His other skill is that of being from the species Armadillus Magnus Invisiblus, he may become invisible for short periods of time.  Once per game Jose may declare himself invisible, remove the miniature from the table and replace with a marker.  He may move, attack and so on for the next two turns but his movement must be written down by the controlling player using the placed marker as a starting point.  For the sake if simplicity Jose cannot be affected by ranged fire while invisible UNLESS its artillery fire using caseshotte or grapeshotte in which case check if he is in the line of fire and work out as normal.  Any melee attacks made by Jose in that state may be replied to but the defender has an additional -2 for the attack.  Josse never takes a Shaken Token for any reason.  As a follower of Armajualpadillo he may once per game make a Magicke attack with the statistics and range of a standard blunderbuss.  If Uncle Rogipoos is killed then Jose will immediately turn invisible (if able) and flee off the nearest table edge.  With this profile he costs 45 Points.  Jose wears no uniform (duh!) but his colouration is that of an Armadillo ,dark brown scales with lighter brown highlights.  His legs have black spots and his claws are white.

The Big Nurse.
"Nursie", as she is often known, was born the daughter of a soldier and his she-orc. As she grew she learned to read and write and followed the army where she soon became used to the sight of battlefield injuries. A formidable lass she was soon noticed by the regimental surgeon fore her nursing skills.  A good right hook from "That Big Nurse", as the soldiers called her, was effective anaesthetic for those about to undergo surgery. Her "no nonesence" approach at sick parade soon sorted out malingerers. Persistent offenders were soon treated to her "Oh, I can see you aren`t at all well, what you need is this!" At this point she would uncover a huge syringe with a very nasty needle!

"Right, trousers, down bend over, this won`t hurt a bit!" Usually this restored even those who claimed to be at death’s door to rude health instantly! 

The "this won`t hurt a bit" bit was a total fib as those too slow on their feet discovered! Ouch! That stings!

For the truly ill her amazing "jollop", which looks and smells like honey but tastes absolutely terrible, usually does the trick. Especially if followed by a large mug of cocoa.

She has become the Willorcs family health care specialist and was responsible for encouraging Florcance Songbird and Murky Seacold to take up the nursing profession.

In years to come "The Big Nurse" will be seen as one of the founders of modern medicine. Huzzah! 

In Flintloque the Big Nurse is treated as an Albion Orc of Regular type and experience rating Average armed with her burly fists, feminine charm and a ruddy great syringe of Jollop.  She must remain within 15cm of Uncle Rogipoos at all times and while she can fight (she has the skill ‘Brawler’ 5025 pg52) she much prefers to heal the malingerers (she means the Sick!).  Once per turn she may use the syringe of Jollop (if within 5cm of the character) to restore ONE WOUND to them; this may not take them above their maximum original number of wounds.  She may also use a second lot of ‘drainpipe jollop’ on enemy characters in the same fashion which automatically reduces them to a prone vomiting mess for 1D3 turns upon a successful melee attack.  With this profile she costs 39 Points.  Her uniform is a right carry on and is composed of a dark blue dress with white apron and headwear (which has a red cross upon it), she has black boots and her syringe is gun metal in colour.

In Slaughterloo the entire VLE10 set of three miniatures is deployed as one entity using the special rules presented here.

Jollop, Jam and Japes!:  Adding these three to any Albion Orc or Joccian Ratman unit of Line or Militia troops gives a bonus as follows.  The Form rating of the unit is increased by +1, the unit may increase its Defence Factor rating by +1 for one named turn and each time a miniature is removed from the unit roll 1D6 on a result of 6 the Jollop has restored them to health and the miniature is not removed.


  1. A great set, and a real surprise, You kept this one quiet!

    I've ordered a set, but still think my sculpt of Jose is better:)


    Doh! forget to add Buck O'Hare, but will order this little super hero at a later date.

    Once again well done to AA for some fantastic character sculpts.

  2. Hi Tony,

    Indeed yours is better but a bit more abstract!




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