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Thursday, 4 November 2010

UM002 USE ME 15mm Fantasy laid up for printing

UM002 Cover

Hello Everyone,

Some news from on the next title in the USE ME (Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements) system range.   As already announced on the blog the next title will be UM002 a High Fantasy 15mm version of the rules. This is a very exciting development as USE ME 15mm Science Fiction has become the fastest selling title has released in the last two years and many gamers have asked for a Fantasy version of the rules that could do all they needed.

While more information will be out at the time of release later this year I can say that UM002 is now complete and laid up for printing.  You can see the cover of the book in this posting. This version of USE ME covers Skirmishes, Battles, Campaigns and also includes much Off Table Support Options and a Magic System plus character types for Infantry, Cavalry, Creatures, Monsters, Titans, Artillery and Personalities.  Personalities allow Command, Magicians, Heroes, Clerics and others.

The battle level version of the rules that takes you from Skirmish with single characters up to massive battles with formations of twenty to forty miniatures a time using an innovative  'Command Three' mechanic unique to the game.

Its a cracking system and I would like to thank those who playtested it both inhouse and out there in the big wide world.  Special mentions to Elton Waters, Bob Minadeo and Gianmatteo Tonci.

More information when the time comes.



  1. This will definitely be on my to-buy list...

  2. Excellent!

    You are a man of good taste!




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