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Friday, 5 November 2010

56537 Dog Engineers Set now Released!!!

Hello All!

The third release in the Autumn 2010 schedule for Alternative Armies is one for fans of the Flintloque expansion book Grapeshotte and also Slaughterloo.  The engineers are here and the sappers too for the Dogmen.  Enjoy and go along to the Alternative Armies website, the new releases page this month or search for 56537.  Read on in this post for more information plus hi-rez images of this great of my favourites of the year.
Additionally there are serveral parts of this set which can be purchased as single items to expand your siege or baggage train.  To view them go along to the website and search by code:

56537-A  Mounted Dogman Engineer
56537-B  Baggage Horse
56537-C Scenic Item (Bombs & Barrel)
Thanks for Reading!

56537 Dog Engineers Set
56537 Dog Engineers
8 White Metal Miniatures

This versatile set contains one mounted Dogman Engineer Officer on Horse, one fully laden Pack Horse, one Scenic Item (case of bombs with powder barrel and rope) and four Dogmen sappers on foot.  Those on foot comprise Dogman with wooden planks and separate mallet, Dogman with mucky shovel, Dogman carrying a Barrel and Dogman with cannonball and pistol. Plastic Bases included.

Full rules for the creation and use of Engineers and Sappers in Flintloque can be found in 5027 Flintloque 3rd Edition – Grapeshotte book.

The Empire of Ostaria has been at war with the Elves of Armorica since the times of blackpower began in earnest.  While soldiers and cannon are vital to this effort it cannot be said enough that the means of war depends on the engineers.  From building bridges to blowing them up, digging trenches and laying mines, repairing and commissioning fortresses and castles these are all essential to winning campaigns especially against the Ferach Empire.   When engineers are on the gaming table it calls for a scenario involving these elements which makes for a different and exciting game of Flintloque or Slaughterloo.

Ostarian Corps of Engineers and Miners  
There are a great number of specialised troops in the Ostarian Empire divided into four directories each with its own command structure. These are the Engineers, the Sappers, the Miners and the Fortress corps. Each operates on its own supplying troops where needed. They all have a good reputation. The structure of the directories is vast and too complex to give in detail but typically it is broken down and assigned by brigade to a senior officer to make use of as they see fit. A specialist battalion consists of several companies of one hundred sappers from the rank of private to colonel. Or ten to fifteen qualified engineers ranging from a master down to newly transferred junior at the rank of lieutenant.

The uniforms vary but in most cases they are almost the same as regular line infantry uniforms which can lead to confusion. It consists of a white tunic, sky blue or white trousers, a black shako, and black shoes. Facing colours (cuffs, collars, etc.) are green. Equipment is black and equipment straps are white leather.

Finklestein Engineers and Sappers
While the Ostarian Empire has one of the largest contingents of miners, sappers and engineers on all of Valon the same cannot be said for the multitude of little Dogmen states that make up their part of the Confederation of Finklestein.  Lacking academies and schools for these most technical skills the little states had to resort to other means to get the expertise that they needed.  Those other means were bribery, robbery and kidnapping.  Luring Ostarian deserters with the needed skills who had fled to join the Elves or to escape their mad own Emperor was easy enough with coin and other wares and the few really specialised persons needed (such as the Baron Von Kibble) were snatched from Ostaria and made to work in chains. 

Every Finklestein state has a small number of these specialised troops attached to those formations who have need of them.  They are seldom more than a few dozen in number with one or two professional Engineers leading the Sappers and Miners into the fray.   The uniforms of the Finklestein Dogmen who act as Engineers and Sappers are virtually identical to those on the Ostarian Empire and there is a good reason for this...they are the same bloody uniforms worn by traitors!  Some formations have changed their facing colour to orange instead of green but this is only in areas where its possible Ostarian troops will be on the field.

56537-A Mounted Dog Engineer Officer
1 Mounted Dogman
This pack contains a mounted Dogman officer (two pieces) of the Engineers taken from 56537 Dogmen Engineers set. A useful and versatile miniature that can be used in any Ostarian or Confederation of Finkestein force.

56537-B Ostarian Pack Horse
1 Laden Horse
This pack contains one pack horse loaded down with packs, barrels, blankets and more.  It is taken from the 56537 Dogmen Engineers set. Perfect as a scenario objective or to expand your siege train or baggage train.

56537-C Bombs and Barrel
1 Scenic Item 
This pack contains one white metal scenic item taken from the 56537 Dogmen Engineers set.
It is really useful as a scenario objective, marking the spot of a mine, a pile of explosives and more.


  1. Bloody hell, that's an awesome pack of miniatures! I really want to get my hands on a set of these!

    Much kudos to whoever sculpted it, I'd be very, very proud!


  2. Well, wee lads that watch their manners get rewards...leave it with me.

    I will pass on your regards to Colonel Sterf Yong.



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