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Friday, 12 November 2010

Tabletop 15mm ACW range now at

Hello Everyone,

Some great and long awaited news from for you all.

The classic Tabletop Miniatures 15mm scale American Civil War (ACW) range is now back in full production and in stock under the name Potomac 15mm ACW. This range of great miniatures have been a favourite among thousands of wargamers for many years and as a result of many requests we have brought it back to the market.
A4 Union Infantry Command

AC8 Confederate Cavalry Command

AC13 General Lee

AG1 Foot Artillery Crew (Union Uniforms)

AG3 Limber Set

AG12 Whitworth Gun
The range includes Infantry, Cavalry, Command and Artillery with Union, Confederate and speciality troops all represented in forty six  different codes. And we do mean see the whole range as every single code is pictured online expertly painted by David Sheppard.

Every code is online as a Single Miniature or small command set so you can purchase exactly what you need from us.  Excellent Value. Suitable for use with any 15mm scale ACW game system.

Go HERE to see the whole range and to learn more.

Thanks for Reading! 
Alexander Scott


  1. I think I might have found conversion fodder for flintloque gnomes....

  2. WOW! Just saw HOW MANY painted photos are on site! Great job!

    Waiting for pony wars range photos :)

  3. Hello Rob,

    I think these might just be a touch on the small side for that but nice though.

    Hello Fjodin,

    Thanks! It was a lot of work with more than fifty high quality, high rez image of David Sheppard's excellent brush work on these ACW 15mm to get them onto the website. I hope everyone enjoys them!



  4. Thay all based individualy (as all my minis :) ) what rules are David Sheppard use for them? Or they are based only for website photos?


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